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     You have come to the right place if your looking to transform into feeling better with less pain, better movement and less stress. Our bodies are designed to feel better than they do today. We live a completely different lifestyle now than we did even 10 years ago. We are sitting more and moving less. We are constantly bombarded with media and the internet and anxiety and stress is at an all time high. Many diseases are manifesting from this stress and causing us to disconnect fom our bodies and many times we are not aware of how neglected our bodies have become.

     Thank goodness for BODYWORK!  Yes, there is hope after all...did you know that a session of bodywork will increase your parasympathetic nervous system to allow your body to ease into the mode of "rest and digest"? Our bodies need resting time to regenerate, unplug and relax to allow the natural process of healing to occur. When we rest, our digestive systems are healthier. When we shut off the anxiety, stress, to do list- we give our bodies the message to slow down and relax. This relaxation and slowing down tells the body that we are not in a state of "fight or flight," like with anxiety and stress but, that we are calm and the body's natural processes can occur. Peristalsis is one of those natural processes; it is a wave-like muscle contraction that moves food to different processing stations in the digestive tract. When our bodies are full of stress and anxiety this natural wave-like motion is compromised and then we start to have elimination issues. If we can't eliminate properly our whole body system is affected and we begin to build up toxins and unbalanced energy in the body which ultimately has been proven to create disease. So "resting and digesting," are very important in balancing the body.

     Bodywork can be a catalyst for many healthy changes in the body. We know this by the way we feel after a relaxing Massage, Shiatsu or an effective Therapeutic session. The touch we receive is doing more than we think, we are all touch deprived especially now with smart phones and time spent online. Having a Bodywork routine at least every 4-6 weeks will greatly enhance your ability to connect with your body, increase your awareness, relax your thoughts and possibly improve your sleep and digestion.

Get started on your self-care now before you get too stressed! I look forward to meeting you and sharing your goal to feel better! You can call or text to book an appointment. 612-200-3047



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